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Bark Instillations 

Bark will make your flower beds look excellent and also deter weeds, prevent erosion, and retain moisture for plants and trees. Each yard of bark costs $100 to install.

Flower Bed Edging

Creating a defining line between your lawn and flower beds gives your landscape a clean appeal as well as hinders grass from growing in places other than the lawn. Re-Defining an edge costs $0.50/linear foot, making a brand new edge costs $1/linear foot.


Keeping weeds at bay is necessary for strong plant and tree growth, as well as making your landscape look well maintained. Weeding is priced by a per-job-basis.

Leaf Removal

During the fall months leaves can be overwhelming. Schedule a leaf removal and take care of your leaves on your lawn, flower beds, and hard surfaces. Full property leaf cleanups start at $250.

Hedge Trimming

Whether you have one barberry bush that needs some trimming, or a massive laurel hedge, this service is important for the visual appeal and health of bushes, shrubs, and hedges alike. Hedge trimming is priced by a per-job-basis.

Shrub Removal

Over the years some shrubs can grow out of control or die off. Maybe you want to change the shrubs in your landscape. Whatever the reason, I offer complete removal of shrubs. Shrub removal starts at $50/shrub.

Landscape Services

Whether its a one time service such as a large bark instillation, or reoccurring hedge trimming throughout the year, I will provide all the landscape maintenance services to keep your landscape in shape. If you would like additional services, please ask. 

My most common landscape services include bark instillations, flower bed edging, weeding, leaf removal, hedge trimming, and shrub removal.

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